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On-rails Arcade Shooter Assault ChaingunS KM Fires Onto Nintendo Switch on February 20


Earlier this week, Regista announced that they are bringing the on-rails arcade shooter title Assault ChaingunS KM onto Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020. The game originally released on iOS and Android in 2018.

The game harkens back to the early 3D era of on-rails shooters, and has players taking control of chainguns from an attack helicopter. The premise of the game is that a certain city has been invaded by a mysterious robot force, and so the player is sent in to clean up. The robots will shoot missiles that can hurt you, and you’ll get a Game Over if your life reaches 0%, so shoot them all down! You can find more screenshots below:

Up to four players can play together at once on the Switch version if each player uses one Joy-Con. Additionally, the Switch version adds in gyro controls to help aim easier. The original smartphone versions just had players firing at wherever they were touching on the touchscreen, and as you might expect, this function will work as well in portable mode for the Switch port.

Finally, there are two new stages that will be exclusive to the Switch version of the game.

Although the game will only be in Japanese, it’s not the sort of game where you need to read the text, so Western players should not have any problems playing this title.

Assault ChaingunS KM releases on Nintendo Switch via the eShop on February 20, 2020. The original Assault Chaingun KM is immediately available on iOS and Android.

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