One Fan Couldn’t Wait For Splatoon Any Longer So They Made Splatoon2D



The days before a game that you really want to play comes out can be tedious. For Josiah Jones the anticipation in the three days before Splatoon launched on Wii U was too much. He had to do something about it. So he made Splatoon2D.


Splatoon2D is a mere shell of what Nintendo’s Splatoon is. Splatter ink everywhere to win. You can swim in your own ink. Hit the other person with ink and they have to respawn,” writes Jones on his website.



While Splatoon2D doesn’t have many of the features of Splatoon it does support 1v1 battles, four different weapons, and controller support. There are some known bugs and it’s far from polished having been made in a number of hours, but if you aren’t playing Splatoon yet for whatever reason, it may just help to tide you over until it arrives.


You can download Splatoon2D for Windows (direct download link).

Chris Priestman