One Last Crane–Prologue Explores A Dying Wish To See A Childhood Friend


Yuuki Murakami has a brain tumor, and the last year of treatment has failed to yield any positive results. Now, all he wants to do is reconnect with his childhood friend, Saki Nishimura, but his dying wish proves to be quite difficult to grant in One Last Crane – Prologue.


One Last Crane – Prologue will have the player heading to Yuuki’s hometown, only to find that Saki no longer lives where she used to. In his search for her, the player will connect with his adopted sister, Mary, and his neighbor, Chihiro, both offering to help him find her. Instead, though, they find Asuka, the most popular girl at school who just happens to look like Saki. Yuuki is determined to believe that it is her, even when she brushes him off, with the player helping Yuuki as he struggles to find the truth, or forces reality to bend to his dying desire.

Players have a variety of routes open to them throughout the game, each leading to various endings for the dying protagonist. It will be up to the player and their choice of interactions if they find the real story behind where Saki has gone, and if Yuuki will have his wish granted.


One Last Crane – Prologue’s developers have already successfully completed a Kickstarter for the visual novel, which is estimated to release in 2019. A demo is currently available through

Alistair Wong
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