One Of South Korea’s Most Popular Smartphone RPGs Is Getting A Worldwide Release


    Netmarble US has announced that it’s bringing one of South Korea’s most popular smartphone RPGs, Raven, to the rest of the world under the new title EvilBane later this year.


    After three years development, EvilBane was launched in South Korea after three years development back in March 2015 and has since reached one million daily active users with over five million downloads in total.

    1. Raid

    It’s a free-to-play action-RPG that lets you play as a a balanced Human, fast-attacking Elf assassin, or a Vango berserker. There are thousands of different items and pieces of equipment to collect to further customize your character.


    EvilBane has five game modes in total: Scenario mode, a 150-stage Adventure mode, Raid mode, 1v1 Arena mode and Guild multiplayer matches.

    2. GuildBattle3. Arena

    Netmarble US has also launched the EvilBane website alongside this announcement. You can find out more about the game over there but also sign-up to receive exclusive information about upcoming events.

    Chris Priestman

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