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One Of The Last PlayStation Mobile Games Is Like Outrun With Deer To Run Over



Sony announced that it would be pulling the plug on PlayStation Mobile back in March. It will be closed on July 15th. What, then, will be the last game released on this dying platform?


Brandon Sheffield of Necrosoft Games is hoping that it’s the alpha demo of Oh Deer! It’s a game in which you drive a station wagon round tight country roads, drifting into deer (or avoiding them) that explode into a mess of gore and fur upon impact. You’re also trying to rack up as many points as possible as you run through checkpoints on the way to grandma’s house.


It’s intentionally a bit barmy and the game’s website appropriately asks a number of questions about the game’s purpose or message: “Is it a metaphor for the futility of human existence? Is it a militant vegan parable? Is it an crass advertisement for family automobiles? Let the mystery unfold before you.”


It’s also worth noting that the music in Oh Deer! is composed by Streets of Rage 3 musician Motohiro Kawashima. There’s a video of him playing a live mix of some of the game’s music in a post-Tokyo Game Show party.


You can purchase the alpha demo of Oh Deer! on the PlayStation Store right now for 49 cents. You should be able to find it through your PlayStation Vita. But remember, it will only be there until July 15th, as it’s a PS Mobile game. The idea behind this is to “use PSM as an early access of sorts, to gauge interest in a larger version for PSP, PS4,” says Sheffield.

Chris Priestman