PlayStation 3

All For One, One For All? The Idolmaster Expanding With New Game




    Namco Bandai keeps bringing them out but they’ll never get tired. That’s the beauty of a virtual idol, I suppose. Case in point: The [email protected]: One For All coming is to the PlayStation 3. The game will feature the 13 main idols from 765 Production, a new storyline , new music of course and a whole pile of new clothes and accessories to dress your chosen favorite girl up.


    The trailer above shows off the new theme song “Only My Note” alongside the pretty nifty good morning greetings from the girls at the start.


    No word on when it’ll be out exactly, but we’ll keep you posted. For those who aren’t too sure and have somehow managed to entirely miss what this massive series has been about, it’s pretty much an idol management simulation.


    While it might have music rhythm versions or a social media card game and even its own dedicated PlayStation channel this one focuses on the original cast of characters around a small but rising idol-music production outfit called 765 Productions and the idols they groom to superstardom. Imagine if you were the man behind smash hit  idol phenomenon AKB48, That’s The [email protected]  in a nutshell.


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