One Piece: Bounty Rush Teaser Trailer Reveals Its 4v4 Action Battles



The One Piece series has a new smartphone game on the way called One Piece: Bounty Rush. Here’s a new teaser trailer that shows us how its 4v4 action battles play.


The objective is pretty simple, beat up opponents in the 4v4 battles and get more Bellies than the other team. There are different character roles to choose from and they come with their own unique abilities.


Luffy is a Fighter class and he’s able to get around the fields with high mobility. Chopper can provide support and heals as the Supporter. Usopp is a Shooter with the ability to shoot from a distance. Zoro is a Swordsman class with the ability to pull off counter attacks.


One Piece: Bounty Rush launches in 2018 in Japan for iOS and Android. It’ll be free-to-play with micro-transactions.

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