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One Piece: Burning Blood Digital Deluxe Edition Includes Alternate Characters, Costumes, And HUDs


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Bandai Namco has announced a One Piece: Burning Blood Digital Deluxe Edition. This version of the game, which is immediately available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4s and will soon appear on Xbox Live, gives people the Wanted Pack add-on and exclusive Platinum Luffy costume. On the PlayStation Store, it also comes with an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme.


One Piece: Burning Blood’s Wanted DLC gives people six alternate character variations, eight costumes, and four HUDs. The six alternate characters, which wear different costumes and have different movesets, are Ace in a suit, Doflamingo in his Dressrosa duel outfit, Sabo dressed as Lucy, Shanks in a suit, Trafalgar Law in his Dressrosa duel outfit, and Zoro wearing a bandana and torn pants. Nami, Robin, Hancock, Koala, and Perona get swimsuits, Bon Clay gets a Nami clone costume, Law gets an additional outfit, and Whitebeard gets a look that makes him appear younger. The four HUDs are Ace, Doflamingo, Sabo, and Trafalgar Law-themed.


Pre-order listings for the One Piece: Burning Blood Digital Deluxe editions are up in both the US and UK PlayStation Stores. It will cost $69.99/£57.99. Pre-ordering also gives people the Luffy (Champ), Luffy (Kung Fu), Luffy (Gear 4) playable characters, though the US listing also mentions an additional exclusive, dynamic theme and Luffy HUD as part of its pre-order promotion.


One Piece: Burning Blood will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One in North America on May 31, 2016 and Europe on June 3, 2016. It will also come to Windows PCs sometime in June 2016.

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