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One Piece: Burning Blood Producer On The Challenges Of Making A Game Based On The Popular Anime Series


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In a recent interview with One Piece: Burning Blood producer Koji Nakajima, he discusses the challenges of making a game based on the popular anime and manga series.


“There are actually two things that were very challenging to get through. The first was to create battle scenes in the gameplay that had the fighting elements that are unique to One Piece. We had to accomplish that through a very intensive process of trial-and-error,” Nakajima explains. “The other thing was creating and designing characters that have not yet been released, and this process took many iterations of rewrites and edits.”


One Piece: Burning Blood originally released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One this past spring, and it has recently made its debut on PC at the beginning of September in Europe and North America. Although the game has been out for several months, additional characters are still being made available as paid DLC, including the recently revealed Rob Lucci.


The full interview can be viewed in the above video. It is the second interview in a series of interviews with the producer published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe. The first interview can be viewed here.

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