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One Piece: Burning Blood’s Latest Footage Demonstrates The Haoshoku Haki



V-Jump released the final video of their One Piece: Burning Blood gameplay session series, and they demonstrated a look at how the “Haoshoku Haki” works in the upcoming brawler.


At the start of the footage they show Luffy take an early beating from Akainu but he’s able to blink his way out of it and follow up with an attack of his own. This was performed by using the Haoshoku Haki.


Basically, the way it works is that abilities consume the blue gauge shown above the health bar and you’re not able to use special abilities unless you have some of it. What the Haoshoku Haki does is it completely depletes the meter when timed with an enemy ability, so that you can put them in a disadvantage. This is especially helpful when an opponent uses a “Logia Guard” which blocks all regular attacks.


The Haoshoku Haki can be used while guarding as well as while attacking, so you’ll be able to mix things around to throw your opponent off guard. Another use of this is feature is to use it as a cancel maneuver. For example, you can use it when performing an ability with a long delay to cut it short, allowing you to connect with other attacks that normally wouldn’t be possible due to the recovering after the attack.


One Piece: Burning Blood will release in Japan on April 21, North America on May 31, and June 3, 2016 in Europe for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC.

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