After a week of closed beta testing, JoyGames is launching the open beta for One Piece Online today. You’ll be able to sign-up and start playing at


One Piece Online combines “large-scale horizontal tower defense” with an action-RPG that you can play in your browser. To advance through the game you’ll have to recruit partners that you can assort into formations to maximize your effectiveness in battle.


Of course, the story and characters are based on One Piece, so you can expect to meet some familiar faces. You’ll be starting off on Seabody Island, which is where the Straw Hat Pirates have been chased to by the Marines after fighting the Celestial Dragons at the Human Auction House.


If you plan on playing One Piece Online today, JoyGames says that it has prepared various activities and rewards to help you out as thanks for being among the first players.


Chris Priestman

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