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One Piece: World Seeker Producer Shows Off Trafalgar Law, Discusses Sky Island And Plot


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At Taipei Game Show 2019 today, One Piece: World Seeker Producer Rei Hirata was present to reveal Trafalgar Law appearing in the game, as well as the first look at the game’s own version of Sky Island. [Thanks, Bahamut!]


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Trafalgar Law will be acting separately from Luffy and the others this time, and will bring Luffy to Sky Island for side missions. As previously reported, Sky Island and Jail Island are seamlessly connected, and jumping off Sky Island will land you somewhere on Jail Island.


Check out Sky Island and Law from the stage event here:


Apart from the stage event, Hirata also answered several questions in an interview afterwards:

  • The Sky Islands in this game will be completely original, and is not related to the one in the original manga. There are “hidden levels” on Sky Island outside the regular setting of Jail Island, which Hirata asks players to look forward to. That said, they wanted the Sky Islands to feel familiar, so they made sure the looks of the islands were close to those seen in the manga.


  • There are less characters appearing in World Seeker compared to other One Piece games, but Hirata hopes players will be deeply invested in the story.


  • Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Jail Island together, but split up for their own adventures. The reason Luffy sets out on his journey is to round the gang back up.


  • Speaking on Jail Island’s dichotomy of city and forests, Hirata explains that Jail Island has been around for a long time, but was rapidly developed, and so have old and new residents living together. Luffy will be working together with the conservative faction in the forests who wishes for peace, and will enter the city to do missions.


  • The game’s plot is linear, but you are able to change the plot slightly depending on which of the two factions you support more, depending on your Pirate Karma. There is only one ending – the one where Luffy succeeds.


  • The main missions will take around 10-15 hours to complete, while beating the whole game including side missions should take around 40 hours. After beating the game, you can go back to certain points in time (by main mission) and beat any side missions you may have missed.


  • There are no secret bosses, but there are some Anti-Navy faction members you can’t encounter unless you raise your Pirate Karma up to a certain level. These “hidden stages” can be missed if you just gun through the main story.


One Piece: World Seeker releases in Japan on March 14, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in the West on March 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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