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One Samurai’s Fight To Escape From An Abandoned 1990s Game



BitUp was announced a year ago and then it seemed to disappear. Which is actually in line with its story. It’s set inside an abandoned 1990s game and has you playing as the samurai protagonist trying to find answers in the software’s world.


Anyway, now the Mexican creators of BitUp are back and detailing the game’s development on their blog leading up to its launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in 2016.


It plays as a side-scrolling hack-‘n’-slasher with item collection mechanics that reward exploration through its non-linear level structure. Quite standard stuff. But its visuals are a little unusual as they’re supposed to convey what a blocky 1990s videogame would look like to the characters inside of it. Hence the game has a 3D look inspired by Cubism. In other words, it’s a world made out of colorful cubes.



As to the story, not much has been said outside of what has already been outlined, but there is a fake interview question from the fictional creator of the game Maxine Levesque from E3 1996: “This is the only statement I will make regarding BitUp: It’s a mistake. I have decided to stop its development and leave the industry altogether. The decision comes out of personal motives.”


Presumably, as you explore BitUp’s worlds, finding its secrets and hidden content, you’ll be able to find out more about Levesque and why she abandoned the game. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the game – the real one not the fictional one – is finished to find out. Check out its website for updates.

Chris Priestman