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One Upon Light Is Coming To Your PlayStation 4 Direct From Singapore This October


The small team at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) announced that it would be bringing its top-down puzzler One Upon Light to the west on PlayStation 4 in October 2014 but there has been no word since. However, Rising Star Games has now revealed that it’ll be acting as publisher for the game, and it will be released in the US and Europe this October.


One Upon Light has you helping a scientist to traverse the remains of the Aurora Science labs by using switches, blocks, carts, and whatever else you can find to create shadows. For, you see, exposing the scientist to light instantly ends the journey by way of death. 


One device you’re able to make good use of is the Shadow Echo, which lets you record shadows as they appear, and then use them to progress if the original shadow has disappeared. As you progress through One Upon Light’s levels, you’ll find out what happened to the labs and who the scientist is.


One Upon Light has already been released on PlayStation 4 in Asia. It was originally called Dying Light but as that title belongs to another game it was changed to One Upon Light. This new title might not make sense, but the creators have this to say on it: “This notation can be read as “1 upon LIGHT”, which also means LIGHT-1, or the inverse of LIGHT. The inverse of light, is none other than… darkness.”


Find out more about One Upon Light on its website.

Chris Priestman