I have 395,754 bells. I just built and paid off the 198,000 bell room expansion. I’ve captured 36 out of 72 bugs, 46 out of 72 fish and 15 out of 30 kinds of underwater life. I’ve built the 50,000 face cutout stand and an additional 128,000 cobblestone bridge.


If it’s possible to “win” in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then I am winning.


In 30 hours and 29 minutes, spread across 7 days, I have beaten the system. I am master of Nook’s domain. I am the Animal Crossing: New Leaf queen, and it’s all because of the tropical island and Bell Boom ordinance.


Marvel at my house for a moment, then listen while I explain.


Tortimer is no longer mayor because he has retired to a tropical island. It’s the same island on which Kapp’n’s mother, wife and daughter reside. After a few days, Tortimer arrives to invite you to come visit anytime you like, provided you have the 1,000 bells for the round-trip fair, and the next day Kapp’n is there with his boat.


The island is the best place ever and I wish I could live there. Even though that would make Kapp’n my neighbor and mean I’d be subjected to continued advances.


You’re a married man, Kapp’n!


But we’re off getting track off here. The island is a prime fishing, bug catching and diving spot. Lloid the Gyroid lends you whatever equipment you need, be it on the island or one of Tortimer’s mini-game tours. There’s no garbage when fishing and head-sized beetles as far as the eye can see.


Did I mention the sharks? Because there are sharks there too. I’ve noticed there is an increased frequency in shark appearances between 7-11pm. On a good night, and the past three days have been very good, I have been able to catch at least five sharks in one visit.


Now, here’s where my devious, master plan really shines. Bell Boom is an ordinance to make your town “wealthy” in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It means that the prices on all shop items increases, but also means that Re-Tail and Nookling Junction will pay more for everything you sell. For those just settling in, buying isn’t really an issue. The early days of Animal Crossing are always more about earning money.


In short, Bell Boom + Tropical Island = Get Rich Quick or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.*


While some people may see this approach as sacrilegious, I say it’s a welcome addition and option. Those who want to be instant millionaires and don’t mind putting in some late nights can get the best homes and towns in no time. People who prefer a more gradual approach can relax and take it easy. It’s all up to you.



Please, please, please don’t patch the game and make island shark appearances rarer because I brought this up, Nintendo. I’m having the time of my life here! The sharks are my valuable, lethal babies! For the first time in one of my Animal Crossing lives, Nook has no power over me and I don’t want that to change.


* You’re not getting your money back. It’s going straight to the Nooklings, Able Sisters or town.


Jenni Lada
Jenni is Editor-in-Chief at Siliconera and has been playing games since getting access to her parents' Intellivision as a toddler. She continues to play on every possible platform and loves all of the systems she owns. (These include a PS4, Switch, Xbox One, WonderSwan Color and even a Vectrex!) You may have also seen her work at GamerTell, Cheat Code Central, Michibiku and PlayStation LifeStyle.

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