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Onechanbara Costumes Make Their Way Into Bullet Girls



D3 Publisher’s latest all-girls shooter, Bullet Girls, was released for PlayStation Vita, and we’ve already seen plenty of costumes for the game. Its third wave of DLC will feature a couple costumes from Onechanbara. 4Gamer shares a peek at the new outfits, and more.


001 002

004 005


Kagura’s battle outfit from Onechanbara Z (450 yen).


006 007

009 010

Saaya’s battle outfit from Onechanbara Z (450 yen).


In addition to the Onechanbara costumes, Bullet Girls’s third wave of DLC will add a bunch of other outfits. Here’s a look at some more:


011 012

013 014


The above costume is themed after the bunny girl look. It features rabbit ears, fishnet tights, and a tail to complete the look for 400 yen.


016 017

019 020


Who needs bullet-proof vests when you have a killer apron? The HDK Apron will be available for 400 yen.


021 022

023 024

025 026

027 028 029

The Leaf Set (250 yen each) comes in three different varieties with the green ones adding 300 HP, orange ones add a x0.40 multiplier to handguns, and brown ones add x0.30 to assault rifles.


030 031

032 033 034 035

036 037 038

The Near-Future set (250 yen each) adds buffs like x0.15 multiplier to all guns, x0.50 to shotguns, and x0.30 to bazookas.


039 040 041 042 043 044

045 046


The Polka Dot set (200 yen each) gives you 300 HP for the black ones, x0.50 shotgun multiplier for the blue dots, and x0.30 for bazookas with the pink. Only in Bullet Girls, will polka dot colors affect firepower.


048 049

050 051 052 053

054 055


And finally, the Checkered set (200 yen each) adds x0.15 to all guns for red, x0.30 to assault rifles for orange, and x0.30 to grenades for green.


Bullet Girls’ third wave of DLC will be available on October 2, 2014 on PlayStation Vita.

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