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Onechanbara Origin’s First Trailer And Screenshots Show Off Enemies, Bosses, And Blood Splatter



This week, Onechanbara Origin got its first trailer, as well as a look at some enemies, bosses, and all the blood splatter that comes with this sort of game. As a reminder, Onechanbara Origin is a remake of the first two games in the series, put into one compilation title. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Check out the gory first trailer below, featuring new theme song ‘Ai wa Kimi no Mono’ by Broken By The Scream:


Here are extra screenshots of bosses and enemies in the game:

Oboro (CV: Rikiya Koyama)


お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609145139 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609145034

お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190607193844 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609144459

Aya and Saki’s father, and a master of the blade. As an assassin, he taught Aya his skills from a young age. It seems that he once worked together with Tsubaki to bring down an organization misusing the Baneful Blood. After learning of Tsubaki’s death, Oboro disappeared, but shows up in Aya’s search for Saki looking strange… and proclaims his revenge for Tsubaki’s death upon Aya, attacking her.



Nurse Zombies


お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190610135852 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190610135827






Zombie Dogs




Sayaka & Anzu (Both voiced by Minami Muta)


お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609174247 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609165532

お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609165142 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609150911

お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609170200 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609152305


A fan-favorite pair of zombie sister bosses resurrected from the dead by Eva.


Aya vs Saki


お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609201446 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609201733

お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609211905 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190609210020

お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190610133325 お姉チャンバラOrigin_20190610132300

Will Aya succeed in killing her sister Saki? And just who is Eva, the mastermind behind all this?


Onechanbara Origin releases for PlayStation 4 in 2019.

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