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Onechanbara Z2 Girls Have Some Wicked New Transformations



D3 Publisher already showed one of Onechanbara Z2: Chaos’ transformations with the “Dare Drive” in a previous trailer, and it looks like there’s a whole new set of transformations, called the “Ecstasy” state. 4Gamer gives us a first look at what it’s like.



The above is a look at the girls in their Ecstasy forms that significantly boosts attack speed and power, in addition to a continuously rising power meter for using a special attack called the “Ecstasy Combination”.




004 005


The above is a look at Aya in her awakened Ecstasy form, which practically unlocked her full powers through rage. While it may seem like a complete berserk mode, she doesn’t lose herself while in this mode.



010 007

008 009

Similar to her half-sister, Aya, Saki also awakens her full powers in resonance with Aya. Saki’s Ecstasy form is also like Aya’s, as she doesn’t lose her mind while in this form.


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos has all kinds of small and large enemies. Here are a look at some of the bosses:




011 縺雁ァ峨メ繝」繝ウ繝舌ΛZ2 ・槭き繧ェ繧ケ・枩20140903075925

縺雁ァ峨メ繝」繝ウ繝舌ΛZ2 ・槭き繧ェ繧ケ・枩20140903080925 縺雁ァ峨メ繝」繝ウ繝舌ΛZ2 ・槭き繧ェ繧ケ・枩20140903081711

Thiss boss character is made from the combination of numerous zombies, and its size is way bigger than other zombies, as well. It’s also quite vigorous, to the point that the Hekatonkheires won’t even seem like your average zombie. Well, besides its giant size.


Powered-Up Gigas:


016 017

This one is a powered-up version of the Gigas, which was basically a regular zombie that got enlarged. While it may sound pretty simple to fight, it can easily take on four opponents at a time.


Zombie Clone Hell Hound:


019 020


The Zombie Clone Hell Hound is a product of a reinforcement experiment, which zombified the regular Hell Hound into a grotesque figure that has more power to kill than ever.


Zombie Sisters: Anzu and Sayaka

021 023 024 022

Anzu and Sayaka were created from negative energy. Sayaka fights using an iron ball, while Anzu fights using giant claws. Each time Sayaka is defeated, her grudge strengthens and because of that, she even has an ego, which is quite rare for a zombie.


On the other hand, Anzu was once a low-grade soul, but after being summoned by Saki, she became much stronger, thanks to the cursed blood.


Super Monk:

025 026

The Super Monk originally lived in a temple located in a faraway mountain. While no one knows how he obtained it, he has the ability to use black magic.



027 028

These Jianshi undead monsters can be found infesting the bamboo forest. They’re stronger than regular zombies, and are controlled by the talisman seals attached onto their heads.


029 Onechanbara Z2: Chaos will release in Japan on October 30, 2014 for PlayStation 4. First-print bonuses include the Banana & Strawberry costumes, which you can also check out in an earlier report.

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