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Onion Games Survey Asks if Folks Want Chulip and Rule of Rose

Onion Games Survey

Japan-based indie game developer Onion Games has released a new survey and is gauging interest in potential projects. Those projects include ports or remasters of cult classics Chulip and Rule of Rose to current platforms.

The survey was announced by Onion Games via its official Twitter account.

The form will be open for a week, from March 1 to March 7, 2021, and is open for all to answer, in English or Japanese.

The survey itself also includes the usual gathering of data about the respondent, such as geographic location, age bracket, and which Onion Games titles respondents have played (such as Moon on the Nintendo Switch or the mobile game Million Onion Hotel). Questions include the likelihood of backing a Kickstarter-based crowding campaign, if one were to be launched, and players’ favorite RPGs.

Under “What would you like to see?” the studio asks if respondents would like to see ports of ChulipRule of Rose or UFO – A Day in the Life –, physical releases of Moon and Dandy Dungeon, or even the new, recently teased “final RPG” of Onion Games founder, Yoshiro Kimura. Non-game projects were also selectable as an option, including reissues of the Chulip and Moon soundtracks, an exhibition from art director Kazuyuki Kurashima, a concert event from Moon composers Thelonious Monkees, or a reprint of the Moon picture book.

Both Chulip and Rule of Rose were developed for the PlayStation 2 by Punchline, the studio Kimura founded after leaving Love-de-Lic. Chulip was an adventure game about a boy who gets rejected by his dream girl, and is advised by his father to go around town kissing people to raise his reputation.

Rule of Rose, meanwhile, is a horror game that takes place in 1930s England as a young girl named Jennifer is subjected to various horrifying torments. At the time concerns over the alleged content in the game led Sony to pass on a US release. It was then picked up and published by Atlus USA. Elsewhere the controversy eventually led to Rule of Rose‘s Australian, New Zealand, and UK releases being canceled.

If you’d like to influence whatever Onion Games is planning next, consider answering the survey, which is available until March 7, 2021. Onion Games’ current releases, like Moon, Dandy Dungeon, and Million Onion Hotel are available across the Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS platforms.

Josh Tolentino
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