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Onion Games’ Yoshiro Kimura On Whether moon Might Ever Receive A Sequel



moon released on Nintendo Switch earlier this week in Japan, being the first-ever port of the PlayStation “anti-RPG” that has since become legend. In an interview released earlier this week, Onion Games’ Yoshiro Kimura, game designer of moon, talked about whether the game might ever receive a sequel. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here are the highlights:

4Gamer: So what will you do if the port of moon gets great reviews?


Yoshiro Kimura, moon game designer: “Well, then I’d probably get into the mood to make a sequel! (laughs)”


4Gamer: Even though up until just now, you were saying it wasn’t possible. (laughs)


Kimura: “Still, I mean, if it sells like hotcakes, it’s not weird for the topic to come up. When I say that “I can’t make a sequel to moon” usually, I’m talking about a narrative sequel to moon. If it isn’t something directly related, I’m pretty sure I’d have some ideas.”


4Gamer: That would be nice.


Kimura: “But on this topic, I’ve always thought this, but moon 2 already exists. For me, it’s Chulip. For Taro-chan [Taro Kudo, game designer, and current Vanpool director], it’s Endonesia, while for Nishi-san I wonder if Giftpia is your moon 2. In terms of how time flows in the game, and how the characters inhabit the game world, all the members of Love-de-Lic have already made moon 2.

That’s why, if moon becomes a hit this time, and everyone gets together to work on something again, that might be moon 3.”


Kenichi Nishi, moon director: “Actually, Suzuki-san and Matsuo-san have also said, “Try to get the members of Love-de-Lic together once again.” “Because it would be fun to get together once again at this age.” However, if you aren’t careful, it will turn into a reunion where people reminiscence about how things were better back then. I want to avoid that.”


moon is available in Japan on Nintendo Switch via the eShop. The game will release worldwide “not too long afterwards” for the first time. moon originally released on PlayStation.

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