Onion Knight & Cloud of Darkness join Dissidia


ok.jpgLast month's Dissidia: Final Fantasy update included direct feed screenshots of the game's cast of characters in action and an updated official website. Following this was another update where new trailer for Dissidia was made available and a release date of sometime in 2008. We know of the game's current cast of character and what FF games they're from, but what about the other FF cast that've yet to be announced? Luckily for you, two new characters join the fold!

The latest scan of Famitsu July 2008 shows Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III joining the fold of Final Fantasy heroes and villains. Nothing much is said of what their moves will be, but you can take comfort in knowing they're joining the fight. Remember: the original cast of Final Fantasy III had no names and were all Onion Knights at the beginning, so those wanting to ask why he has no name should take this into consideration.

Now what games remain? FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII?