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Online Action RPG Onigiri Is Getting More Zones Already



    The free-to-play English version of anime-inspired RPG, Onigiri, has barely been out a month—it launched July 1st—but is already detailing new areas to be added in its coming update.


    The July 29th update will add the frigid land of Echigo to the game. Echigo is described as an important city with much untamed wilderness and “many dangerous roads leading out of it”.



    The other area is Hokurikudo. Sounding almost like a gauntlet, this long, straight map bordering the ocean is chock full of enemies. There’s a safe rest area near the middle to stop for a breather, which looks like a tea shop of olde Japan.


    Onigiri is out now on PC in English. English versions will also be heading to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.


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