Online Beat-Em Up Rumble Fighter: Revolution Is Now On Steam Greenlight



    Although it has been around in various forms since 2007, 3D beat ‘em up Rumble Fighter: Revolution has only just been submitted to Greenlight by GamesCampus in order to get it on Steam.


    Rumble Fighter is a platform brawler, making it conceptually similar to Super Smash Bros., but is free-to-play and on the PC. It lets you fight in free-for-all matches as well as in team matches.


    As you’d expect, there are also different fighting styles attached to the game’s characters, which are known as “Sacred Scrolls” in the game. Strikers are your basic martial artists, but there are Soul Fighters, Elementalists, Alchemists, Shamans, and Androids too.



    The game is monetized through clothes and items that you can purchase for your character using either the Carats you earn for winning fights, or Campus Credits that you can buy with real money. These purchasable items will affect your character’s stats.


    You can already download and start playing Rumble Fighter: Revolution on its official website.

    Chris Priestman

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