Onmyoji Arena Bleach Event Adds Ichigo and Rukia

Onmyoji Arena Bleach Ichigo Rukia

Two Soul Reapers are heading to a new game. Ichigo Kurasaki and Rukia Kuchiki will be the featured characters in an Onmyoji Arena Bleach crossover. Ichigo, Rukia, and their extra skins appeared in the game on February 5, 2021. People can get them from a Soulcaller Shrine event or via the Crossover Shop.

Ichigo is described as a close-range attacker. The character’s reveal specifically pointed out how he can inflict the Slow status effect on opponents and change his form. His additional skin is called Soul Cutter.

With Rukia, she’s described as someone who can deal magic damage and inflict a Frozen status effect on enemies. Her extra skin is called Unchanged Aspiration.

As for acquiring them, people can pull for them or outright buy them. If you go through the shop, you can use the paid Jade currency to get them. Both the Ichigo and Rukia characters each cost 480 Jade. Ichigo’s Soul Cutter Skin is 560 Jade, while Rukia’s Unchanged Aspiration Skin is 200. As shown in the screenshot, you can get a discount and get all four for 1,098 Jade if purchased together. (For reference, 1,280 Jade costs $19.99.) If someone goes the Soulcaller Shrine route, they will need to summon 50 shards to get the character they select. You can also get a Bleach Avatar Frame in Psychic War.

There’s also a trailer for the event. It features Masakazu Morita, Ichigo’s voice actor,  and Fumiko Orikasa, Rukia’s voice actress, introducing the Onmyoji Arena Bleach crossover. It even shows off both playable characters in-action and their extra skins.

This kind of crossover event isn’t uncommon for Onmyoji Arena. As WadaGames pointed out, on February 7, 2021 Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer will appear in the Asian version of the game. As this Bleach event already appeared in other regions, we can likely expect to see this additional crossover in the next few months too.

Onmyoji Arena is available on Android and Apple iOS devices worldwide.

Jenni Lada
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