Open Universe MMO Entropy Has You Travel From Galaxy To Galaxy


Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (9)_1403601649

There seems to be a bit of a renaissance phase going around for space-based simulators, and Entropy is hoping to join the action. The alpha version is available now over on Steam’s Greenlight list.


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A little bit of EVE Online, a little bit of Privateer and a little bit of Star Citizen, Entropy sets itself up as an open universe MMO. There are no classes, free-form gameplay, and an entire galaxy to explore and even conquer.


Entropy Hanger Screenshot (2)_1403601634

Entropy Character Creator Screenshot (4)_1403601623 Entropy Character Creator Screenshot (8)_1403601629

Doing a bit of poking around, it appears that the still-in-alpha game has players moving around the galaxies in a top-down, 2D fashion. Not sure if that will stay, though. Once you reach an area however, things switch over to full 3D. The 3D screenshots and gameplay teaser trailers we’ve seen show a beautiful world, inclusive of a character customization aspect for your pilot.


Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (4)_1403601641 Entropy In-Game Screenshot  (8)_1403601648

Players will be able to fly around and utilize space-based tactics including inertial movement. Combat though, looks relatively simple. One wonders how lag will play a part in larger-scale conflicts, seeing as how there are some 120 different star systems already explorable within the game.


Entropy aims to feature a completely dynamic and player-driven economy. This means you could potentially play the entire game as a trader and miner, making profits by shuttling between stations with valuable cargo. Naturally, such an economy can also be messed around with. Player-versus-player ship combat is a given, and Cartels—the game’s version of guilds—could eventually end up owning swathes of territory.


Entropy is available on PC now in alpha form.