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Open World RPG Smoke And Sacrifice Forces Players To Craft Their Tools


After sacrificing her firstborn to the Sun Tree, the only thing keeping her land alive in the icy wasteland that the world has become, she finds that there may be a dark secret in the priestly order that maintains it, setting her on a course to find the truth in open world RPG Smoke and Sacrifice.


Sachi is a skilled crafter, allowing her to collect items from fallen foes or out in the field that she can use to create weapons, armor, and tools to use throughout the game. Players will want to pick up as many items as they can find to see what uses they can be put to, developing firearms, explosives, and other useful things they can use on the enemies that have overtaken the world.

As players defeat foes and press out into the world, they’ll learn more of the story behind the religious group that controls the Sun Tree, as well as the truth behind what they are actually up to with their demand for sacrifices.


Smoke and Sacrifice is available now on Steam and the Nintendo eShop.

Alistair Wong
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