Orc Island Strands Players With Medieval Monsters & Asks Them To Suvrive


Orc Island strands players on an island inhabited by orcs, forcing them to make a life for themselves despite constant attacks from the fantasy monsters.


Surviving on Orc Island will require that players find food and shelter for themselves. To do that, players can harvest materials like stone and wood to build themselves a home to live in, then move on to building tools that will let them hunt down birds and small animals to give them something to eat. Seeds can also be found to use to grow crops and create a farm, or players can take their time and catch fish to feed themselves.

Orcs create constant trouble for any of these tasks. These club-wielding foes (and other, larger fantasy monsters) may stumble across the player at inopportune times, attacking their fields or the player themselves. They will want to have built some weapons (the hunting bow is just as effective on orcs as it is on wildlife) or prepare to discard all of their progress as they flee the area the orcs have invaded. Players don’t have to wait for orcs to come ruin their day, though, as they can also head out and hunt the orcs down as well, taking care of threats before they can reach them.


Orcs aren’t the only difficult creatures players will have to deal with. Crows and chickens tend to eat player crops when they’re left unattended, forcing players to guard those as well. However, a helpful golem called Gronk can be found on the island, and this creature will work for soup, harvesting crops while also chasing birds away.

Orc Island is available now from its developer’s site.

Alistair Wong
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