The Order: 1886’s E3 Trailer Provides A Look At A New Enemy



Last year, Sony announced a new PlayStation 4 I.P. called The Order: 1886, a third-person shooter that takes place in an alternate history Victorian London. The first trailer ended with a mysterious enemy in the fog. During the Sony’s E3 press conference, we got a closer look.


According to the PlayStation Blog, the Half-Breeds are many, its different species having evolved in their own right, becoming a formidable and deadly threat to humanity’s dominance.


One particular species has taken dominions over the lands of Northern Europe and has threatened the rule of man for centuries. The Half-Breeds with certain lupine and feline traits are called Lycan, and are compared to the myth and legends of werewolves.


There might not be many Lycans, but they make up for it in strength and agility, making them quite the deadly foes for The Order.


The Order: 1886 will be released on February 20, 2015 for PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia, and Latin America.

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