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Oreshika Creator’s Mobile Game Remake Will Have New Scenarios And Characters



We just reported that Nippon Ichi’s teaser has been revealed as a PlayStation Vita remake of Oreshika creator Shoji Masuda’s mobile game Hero Death that released back in 2007. Here are some details in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima]


Hero Death on PlayStation Vita will be a full remake of the original mobile title that takes place in a world that was supposed to be in peace after the hero dies while taking out the demon lord.


The hero then gets five days to continue living, where he’ll get to spend it going around and looking at the world he saved; however, there are still some problems going on in the world, so he’ll have to use his remaining time to try fixing it.


Limited to five days left in his life in the world, the hero will have the choice of partaking in various activities, which will change the ending.


The PlayStation Vita version will add completely new scenarios to all the heroines of Hero Death, and will add two more heroines to go with it. Kenji Ito, known for composing music for the Mana and SaGa series will do soundtrack arrangements in addition to new tracks for the game.


The main characters of Hero Death will be voiced. So far the cast is Hero (Tsubasa Yonaga,) Angel Yuria (Asami Imai,) Demon Lord (Tsuguo Mogami,) and Princess Flora (Rie Murakawa).


The game designer and scenario writer is the Oreshika creator Shoji Masuda, who’ll work alongside Tetsu Kurosawa as the character designer, and Gen Suganuma as the producer. Pyramid are the developers behind the upcoming remake.


[Top image is from the mobile version of Hero Death.]


Hero Death will release in Japan on February 25, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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