Original Pokémon Starter Packs To Be Re-Released For Their 20th Anniversary



It has been announced that the original Pokémon trading card game starter pack will be re-released in Japan on February 27th 2016 (thanks AnimeNewsNetwork).


Why? Simple. The first Pokémon packs went on sale in Japan back in October 1996. So, yes, it’s to celebrate this encroaching 20th anniversary of the cards.


The re-released packs will be sold for 1,300 yen ($10.80) and will contain a deck of 60 cards, one Pokémon coin, and a manual.


Alongside the cards, the original card shields will be resold at 715 yen ($5.94), as well as the play mat at 5,000 yen ($41.50).

Chris Priestman