Orphan Age Follows Abandoned Children trying To Survive A Warzone


Orphan Age follows a group of children who’ve been abandoned or orphaned in a warzone, aiding them in their survival through guiding their exploration, gathering, and dealing with competing personalities.


Orphan Age drops the player in a neon-lit warzone, tasking them with keeping a randomized group of children alive in a generated environment. To do this, players must choose where to explore, avoiding the extreme danger of warfare while also finding new orphans to take in or supplies to bring back to the orphanage. These exploring segments will play out in procedural text adventures, giving players multiple decisions to make that can turn out well or badly, depending on player choice.

Based on what players can find, they can change up the layout and items available in their orphanage base, allowing them to create fixtures and foods that will keep their lost kids going. With each child having different needs, players will need to keep an eye on what will do the most good around the orphanage to know what to create each time, though.


How well players do may depend on the orphans they play as and find. Each orphan has different skills and abilities, but also different personality traits and needs that the player will have to manage. These can cause infighting at the orphanage, or can cause various decisions to be easier or harder to make. This can have drastic effects on how the narrative plays out on each run, offering new surprises each playthrough.

Orphan Age’s developers are currently raising development funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available through the campaign page.

Alistair Wong
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