Osaka’s Nijo Castle Restored To Its Original Glory In Minecraft


nijo castle minecraft

Minecraft player Shigeranai Matsuzaki has recreated impressive Japanese castles using the game’s 1×1 blocks and has shared virtual tours of them (thanks RocketNews).


The most recent of these creations is a recreation of Nijo Castle in Osaka – you can watch the video on Niconico. However, rather than basing the virtual version of the castle on the current model of the castle, Matsuzaki used the original construction designs from the Kan’ei Period, when it was originally completed in 1626.

minecraft nijomc nijo

nijo castlenijo minecraft

Other Minecraft creations by Matsuzaki include Osaka Castle (watch the tour on Niconico) and Tsuyama Castle in Okayama Prefecture (watch the tour on Niconico).

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