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Oshi no Ko Escape Room Lets You Talk With Characters

The first escape room based on Oshi no Ko will appear in Japan from July 19, 2024. You can pre-order your tickets and kits now. [Thanks, Denfaminico!]

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The normal kit costs 3,800 JPY ($23.60) and the bonus kit costs 6,800 JPY ($42.80). Aside from the normal kit that you’ll need for the game, the bonus kit will come with exclusive goods. In order to play the game, you’ll need to have an app on your smartphone device or PC, as well as the kid.

The story of the escape room is that you’re a professional idol with Ichigo Production. One day, you’re involved with a scandal that you know nothing about. Since you’re forced to stay inside, you can communicate with the members of B-Komachi, as well as Gotanda and Aqua, through calls and texts. Aside from talking to them to gather clues, you can also read various interviews and notes to try and figure out what’s going on.

As part of this escape room, SCRAP will release some collaboration Oshi no Ko merchandise. Aside from scenes in the show, these goods show the characters dressed up like detectives. The prices for everything are:

  • Acrylic keyholders: 800 JPY each
  • Acrylic stand: 1700 JPY each
  • Clear folder: 1000 JPY each
  • Clear folder set: 2500 JPY
  • Star-shaped can badges: 600 JPY each
  • Successful escape sticker set: 700 JPY

The Oshi no Ko escape room will start from July 19, 2024. You can watch the show, which started its second season, on HIDIVE. YenPress handles the manga outside Japan.

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