egz.jpgSquare Enix games are surging to the top of the PlayStation Network charts in Japan. Xenogears is number one. Ehrgeiz, the PsOne fighting game starring Cloud, has a chance to dethrone it. Brave Fencer Musashi could climb the ladder too since it is a short, but entertaining romp. However, after the disappointing reception of Samurai Legend Musashi I doubt Square Enix is going to remake Brave Fencer Musashi so it’s on Japan’s PlayStation Store for the low price of 600 yen ($5.60). Raycrisis, a port of a Taito arcade game, could also be considered a Square Enix game since they are Taito’s parent company.


Stuff that doesn’t have to do with Square Enix has to do with the ocean. Sony put Aquanaut's Holiday: Memories of Summer 1996, a Japan only sequel to Aquanaut's Holiday, and B.l.u.e. Legend of Water on the PlayStation Store too. Both are preludes to the PlayStation 3 version of Aquanaut's Holiday which is scheduled to come out on September 25 in Japan.


Here is a list of games added on the Japanese PlayStation Store today. Each one costs 600 yen.


Aquanaut's Holiday: Memories of Summer 1996

Wizard's Harmony R


B.l.u.e. Legend of Water

Brave Fencer Musashi* (as Rolando mentions this is PSP only)



Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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