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Otomate Reveals Radiant Tale, Three More Visual Novels for Switch

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Idea Factory and Otomate announced they will bring four more visual novels to Nintendo Switch: Amnesia World, Hakuoki Shinkai Reimeiroku, Radiant Tale, and Soukaitenki. The companies broke the big news on Otomate’s official Twitter account with a series of tweets.

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We have translated details of each game and their release dates below.

First up in the pack is Amnesia World for Nintendo Switch. Otomate will port the title to Nintendo’s hybrid console to commemorate the Amnesia series’ 10th anniversary. Illustrated by Mai Hanamura, the narrative will focus on parallel worlds, memory loss, and miracles. The game will release in Japan on August 19, 2021.

Next is Hakuoki Shinkai Reimeiroku for Nintendo Switch. This title will take place before the protagonist of Hakuoki Shinkai meets the other characters. Produced by Tsunekiyo Fujisawa, the narrative will be a historical fiction taking place during the Edo period. The game will release in Japan on August 26, 2021.

Next is Radiant Tale for Nintendo Switch. Otomate’s new title will take place in a circus with a fantastical setting. Kagero Usuba will handle the designs for the game’s main characters. The story will star a young girl who yearns for normal life, and several men who are the furthest thing from normal. The game does not have a release window yet.

Last is Soukaitenki for Nintendo Switch. This title is a collaboration between Otomate, Toho Animation, and Plus 81. The companies will even hold a stage play version of the game from December 8 through December 12, 2021 at Theater 1010 in Kita-Senju, Tokyo. The video game will release in spring 2022.

Amnesia World, Hakuoki Shinkai Reimeiroku, Radiant Tale, and Soukaitenki will all come to the Nintendo Switch in Japan. Although there is no information about western releases, Aksys often localizes visual novel games in partnership with Idea Factory and Otomate. The companies’ upcoming titles in the west are Variable Barricade, Olympia Soiree, and Dairoku: Ayakashimori.

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