Otomate’s Beast And Princess Visual Novel Gets An Official English Translation


Image-1 beast and princess


The sequel to Beastmaster and Princes is being released outside of Japan. People can begin playing part of Beast and Princess through the Story Jar @ Shall We Date? mobile game. At the moment, only the eight chapter prologue and Ryszard’s 25 chapter route are available on Android and Apple iOS devices, with people needing to collect or purchase the in-app currency to read the visual novel.


Like Beastmaster and Princes, Beast and Princess involves romancing characters who have both human and animal forms. Julia is an illegitimate princess who has always been trapped inside in a castle with her bear Jozef, bird Mias, dog Ludwik, and horse Ryszard. However, after a tragedy that takes her parents life and nearly results in her losing her own, her animal friends come to her defense and the same magic powder that turned the princes back into humans in Beastmaster and Princes appears to turn the animals she’s lived with into humans. She now has a chance at freedom and love.


As with all Story Jar @ Shall We Date? games, people need to pay (or visit every day in order to get enough daily login diamonds) to ready through each story. The visual novel stories are divided up by routes into chapters, instead of experienced like they normally would be on a console or handheld.


Story Jar @ Shall We Date? is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Beast and Princess originally appeared on the PlayStation Vita in Japan as Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama.

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