Otomate’s Nise No Chigiri Localized As Shall We Date? Eternal Vows


13178631_1047569715301456_4067209561369202366_n NTT Solmare has brought another one of Idea Factory’s Otomate visual novels to mobile devices. Nise no Chigiri has been localized as Shall We Date? Eternal Vows: Love Beyond Time. The Apple iOS and Android game is immediately available in its respective app stores.


Shall We Date? Eternal Vows: Love Beyond Time is set during Japan’s Sengoku period. A young woman from the present finds herself thrown back into the past. She drops in on a battle between Uesugi Masatora and Takeda Shingen. Shingen tells his forces to retreat, due to the supernatural occurance, and Masatora takes her in and has his allies protect her. Naturally, the heroine has the opportunity to fall in love with one of these men.


This is one of the NTT Solmare games that is free to start, but requires players to pay for each route. There are seven $4.99 routes to pursue, as well as one storyline with Rurimaru that’s $3.99.


Nise no Chigeri was originally available on Windows PCs and the PlayStation Portable.

Jenni Lada
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