Otome Visual Novel Seduce Me Flirts With Steam Greenlight



    Seraphim Entertainment and Michaela Laws have put the freeware otome visual novel Seduce Me up on Steam Greenlight. This follows the game’s official demo being released on February 2nd. You can download it right here [direct download].


    Seduce Me was successfully Kickstarted back in March 2014. In fact, it accumulated a little over double its funding goal. Since then, the team has been putting it together for a launch on Valentine’s Day (February 14th).



    It’s about a high school girl named Mika Anderson who inherits her grandfather’s large estate. As she moves in, Mika finds five injured but handsome men on the floor who were attacked and ran inside for shelter.


    Not long after this, Mika finds out that the men are incubi who feed on the sexual energy of humans. Seduce Me has nine romance routes and 22 endings to discover. It also has full English voice acting.

    Chris Priestman

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