imageDespite what Gamestop lists the game for, Otomedius Excellent isn’t $60. While a price point has not been announced, a representative from Konami said the gals shooter will be less than that.


Otomedius Excellent also uses a different engine than Otomedius Gorgeous, which was an arcade port. Excellent was built, with new stages, offline co-op, and an improved weapon system.


So, why is Konami bringing Otomedius Excellent to the States? “We wanted to do some fanservice,” Pearl Lu, Brand Manager, explained. “We wanted to get people excited in the Gradius kind of gameplay.”


Here’s another surprise about Otomedius Excellent – Koji Igarashi of Castlevania fame is working on it. And that’s why Kokoro Belmont is in the game.

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