Out There: Omega Edition Out Now, Adds Lots Of New Content And Prettier Graphics



Mi-Clos Studio has released the Omega Edition of its deathly space exploration game Out There on Steam. You can purchase it at the full price of $9.99.


The Omega Edition of the game adds a ton of new features, including 50 more interactive stories, another ending, new alien breeds, new ships, and an extended soundtrack. It’s also being delivered with a new graphics engine that brings more dynamic, colourful, and lively backdrops and animations, all of it rendered with new HD textures.


In other words, it’s much prettier and more visually varied than before. Planets and stars are no longer in 2D, instead being realized in full 3D, and they also spin while stars spit solar winds into the darkness of outer space. Have a look at the graphics comparison below.


unnamed (2)(3)

unnamed (3)

Other than all of those extra features, it’s still the same harrowing space survival game at its core, combining roguelike, resource management, and gamebook mechanics into one. The basic plot is that you’re a lone astronaut who wakes up in a ship in space, nowhere near the solar system, left to the mysterious and dangerous depths of the universe.


You have to make choices as to where you’ll explore, hoping to mine planets for valuable resources, and discovering alien tech that offer you important upgrades. It’s not likely, but you may luck out and, one day, manage to get back home. But you’ll die a lot before you get there.

Chris Priestman