Outbreak: The New Nightmare Adds Co-Op To The Classic Resident Evil Formula

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Players will find themselves rationing healing items and counting every shot as they deal with the infected humans of Outbreak: The New Nightmare, but like Resident Evil: Outbreak, it will let other players join the fray.


Outbreak: The New Nightmare puts players in a city under siege by the undead, so they will have to carefully choose from four different survivors, each with their own abilities, to use to survive and escape. These survivors can work together to keep each other safe, fighting enemies while scavenging for vital ammo and healing items, but should any of the four co-op players die, they are gone from the rest of the game.

Players won’t be able to rely on their memories to see them safely through, as the game randomizes enemy and item layouts, meaning those handy shells may not always be in the same place on each run. They will also have to be careful moving through environments, as the familiar use of cinematic camera angles from Resident Evil is present here, meaning creatures could be lurking just out of sight.


Players can experience Outbreak: The New Nightmare with partners from all over the world, but they can also choose to tackle the game solo in the offline mode. Players can also further challenge themselves with a survival mode that pits them against waves of enemies.

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is available now on Steam Early Access.

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