Outrun Certain Death In Chaotic Prehistoric Racing Game Dino Run DX

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PixelJam Games has released its fast-paced 2D dinosaur racing game Dino Run DX on Steam. It’s an improved version of the original Dino Run (2007) and will continue to get new features as more copies of the game are sold.


This is due to a crowdfunding effort that Pixeljam has come up with to ensure that Dino Run DX steadily becomes the game the team envision providing that it sells. As you can see on the game’s website, the money the game makes is being tracked and at every milestone another feature can be added.


So far, an increased multiplayer level cap, more dinos per race, improved security and Steam integration are secured due to reaching the $5,000 funding goal. Once $10,000 is reached there will be level Sharing (via seed code), a Steam friend browser, and a Free Run mode (doom wall disabled, can chat and emote during gameplay)


It should be noted that what’s currently being sold on Steam is a full game. Dino Run DX isn’t unfinished. The post-release crowdfunding is just for extras that will hopefully improve the game.


And if you don’t know, the idea of Dino Run DX is to help a dinosaur avoid certain death after the meteorite has landed on Earth (you know, the one that wiped out the dinosaurs) by running and jumping across procedurally generated landscapes littered with hazards, such as other dinosaurs.

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