Overwatch 2’s Justin Groot Explains Roadhog’s Character Nicknames

Overwatch 2’s Justin Groot Explains Roadhog’s Character Nicknames

There’s an interesting quirk when it comes to the Overwatch 2 character selection screen in the Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari mode. When people select their avatar, Roadhog announces them. However, he doesn’t just say their name. For some people, he assigns them a nickname or offers a proper title for them. When people were talking about it on Twitter, Senior Writer and Narrative Designer Justin Groot offered a bit of insight into the process. It turns out only some people do, because there wasn’t time to come up with nicknames for everyone. Groot also teased that more could appear at a later date.

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First, Groot noted that the Roadhog nicknames in Catch-a-Mari were a result of the “creative environment.”

Groot went on to say all the nicknames that do appear when selecting a character during the Overwatch 2 Catch-a-Mari mode during “one quick brainstorming hour before our deadline.”

For reference, here is Twitter user Proto VI’s full video showing all of the nicknames for Overwatch 2 characters currently in the game.

And here’s the list of them, in case you are in a place where you can’t listen to the audio.

  • Bastion: “Scrambles”
  • Cassidy: “Cactus Bootbuckle”
  • Doomfist: “Largefist”
  • Genji: “500 Edges”
  • Hanzo: “Handbow”
  • Junker Queen: “Her Ladyship, The Queen”
  • Junkrat: “Junkrat? Rrr.”
  • Lucio: “DJ Green”
  • Mei: “Princess Icicle”
  • Pharah: “Rocket Lady”
  • Ramattra: “Thunko, The Metal Man”
  • Reinhardt: “Bratwurst Muscles, The Bavarian Buffet”
  • Roadhog: “Me. Good Pick.”
  • Sigma: “Gravity Frank”
  • Sojourn: “Former Overwatch Acting Commander Vivian ‘Sojourn’ Chase”
  • Soldier: 76: “Legs of America”
  • Tracer: “Pippy”
  • Widowmaker: “Scopetta Baguette”
  • Winston: “Mister Nanners. Uh, that’s a monkey.”
  • Wrecking Ball: “The Champ Himself”
  • Zarya: “Gravity Janice”

Overwatch 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari is active until April 4, 2023. One Punch Man skins are also in the game now.

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