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Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Begins On May 22, 2018


overwatch anniversary 2018


Blizzard celebrates’ Overwatch’s special occasions with events, and a big one is coming up on May 22, 2018. It is the game’s second anniversary, which means Overwatch Anniversary 2018 will run from May 22 until June 11, 2018.


A new version of Overwatch will launch on May 22, 2018. It is a digital exclusive called the Legendary Edition. It will give the people the game and 15 Epic, Legendary and Origin skins. Its price has not yet been revealed, but the digital Game of the Year Edition costs $59.99.


New and old content will be returning to Overwatch for this year’s anniversary. Last year’s cosmetics will return, as well as seasonal brawls and Overwatch: Archives matches. The new items will include the Petra Deathmatch map, with a new Competitive Mode option with placement matches and a leaderboard. There will be three Epic skins, eight Legendary skins, dance emotes for characters like Brigitte, Doomfist and Moira and 50 other new cosmetic items.


A special loot box will appear during this period. Everyone who logs in during the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event will get one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box that guarantees someone one Legendary item. You can also get one of these boxes if you spend real money to buy a $39.99 50 loot box bundle.


A free weekend has been announced as part of these Overwatch festivities. Between May 25-28, 2018, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC owners will be able to play with the full roster of heroes in Arcade, Custom Games and Quick Play, as well as level up and earn loot boxes. Progress will be saved, if the full game is purchased after the promotion. Also, PlayStation 4 owners can play Overwatch online without PlayStation Plus during the free weekend period.


Overwatch is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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