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Overwatch Celebrates Its Anniversary With Character-Inspired PS4 & Xbox One Controllers



Overwatch is in the midst of its one-year anniversary since its release and, to celebrate the occasion, Blizzard has partnered up with ARTtitude to create a line of PS4 and Xbox One controllers inspired by the designs of the game’s characters.


The 48 custom controllers are unique, numbered pieces, handmade by European street artists. Those who wish to snag one of the special controllers for themselves will be able to through various contests and giveaways taking place all throughout Europe. More details on how to take part in these upcoming contests will be shared via Blizzard’s official social media outlets through the year.


For a good look at the various controller designs, you can check them out below.


0L79GCGQ1RUS1496330863998 0NT2BZ5XVO6H1496327696729

5ATZJ6INS5BW1496330866197 5HQQ64JS7PFI1496328229581

6M1PBI5O4B9S1496330864493 8DMB05H8E1KK1496330857338

8L53YVUTQ2SC1496327721141 9FCTX89PLZ2I1496330860744

9MK9PI4LT24D1496328227349 D0XW4AF577A31496330859988

E0EF2PMFFIPG1496328227460 EAPRYPSFCWOJ1496327721268

H7T3VQOVBXW61496330862903 I0I19W42PCFG1496330857478

K58A044OBTMV1496330862289 LHJTY9I4574E1496330859311

MPYW33EJ0HBC1496330864644 MQMGF3994M0D1496330860950

QWEP6GVMKCQG1496330861395 RVAKZ759AGAF1496330865030

VA1EF389SXIL1496330863434 VD4Q6ETBPO7T1496330857493

Y21Q83RWAC841496330859542 ZJRTOE4CMM711496328227301


Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.