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Overwatch’s Summer Games Returning August 8 With Old And New Skins, Revamped Lucioball


Blizzard shared the latest developer update with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, who revealed that the Summer Games seasonal event is returning with some new skins as well as old ones, revamped Lucioball, and more.

With the return of the Summer Games event on August 8, players can expect to see last year’s Summer Games skins as well as 40 new items including some new skins. Jeff teased that Junkrat is getting a really cool one that is very sports-themed and Mercy is also set to get a new skin which is one of the director’s personal all-time favorites.

This will also be the first seasonal event since Overwatch decreased the amount of duplicates and to make things better for those of you who missed out on some skins or the event altogether—last year’s Summer Games skins will cost the same amount of Credit as regular non-event items, so that means a Legendary will go for 1,000 for 2016’s skins instead of the usual 3,000.

As for Lucioball, it’ll be making a return and it’ll feature a stage set in Sydney, Australia. There are some changes coming to how it’ll be played with some of the major ones being players no longer being able to “boop” opposing players. Lucio’s Ult previously pulled the ball towards him but since players weren’t happy with the cheese tactics with that, his Ultimate is now a buff that allows him to move faster and the ability to boop the ball much more quickly. He also jumps higher when the Ult is active.

Moreover, Lucioball will come with its own ranked mode called “Copa Lucioball.” For the three weeks of the event, there will be a special competitive mode that comes with special sprays for achieving higher ranks at the limited-time event.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Summer Games seasonal event starts on August 8, 2017.

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