Owlboy Is The Result Of Nearly A Decade Spent Chasing Pixel Art Perfection



First conceived back in 2007, Owlboy, a game of high adventure starring a young, mute owl boy named Otus, shows the power of pixels, with its developers creating stunning vistas, beautiful ruins, and charming characters that demonstrate the artistic power of the basic building block of video game art.




Otus is weak, often picked on, and looked down upon, and yet he will soon have heavy responsibilities thrust upon him when players begin Owlboy. Facing Sky Pirates and worse, players will join Otus as he grows stronger through his courage and through the friends he makes in a quest that will take him to many varied locations.


As an owl boy, Otus can fly, and will use this power to navigate the 2D dungeons and worlds of the game. To face the many enemies and bosses he’ll encounter while in flight, Otus can pick up and toss many objects, using them to knock his foes senseless as well as solve environmental puzzles.




Otus will meet many friends on his journey as well, and can pick them up and carry them while they act as support gunners or take on other roles. Each pal can help Otus in some way, so it’s always worthwhile to give them a life.


This adventure will take Otus to many places, each of which has been lovingly rendered in pixel artwork. The developers have spent much of their development time on honing this art style, creating areas rich with detail and moving in delightful ways. Each area is designed to be a feast for the eyes, offering dozens of wonderful views to behold as the players comb the levels for their secrets.




Owlboy is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!