Pac-Man Waka Waka Promises an Audio Adventure on Alexa

Pac-man waka waka

Bandai Namco and Doppio announced a brand new audio adventure for select Amazon devices, Pac-Man Waka Waka. Players use voice controls via Alexa to play through various worlds in the style of the classic arcade game. The title is a subscription-based service, with regular content updates in the pipeline. It will cost $6.99 per month.

Pac-Man Waka Waka is a collection of interactive games where players guide Pac-Man via Alexa’s voice commands. Each world has 15 mazes, and regular content updates will add new worlds. The game promises hidden items to find, including Power Pellets and a new Frenzy Mode. The arcade mode will feature the classic ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. (Sorry, Sue). Furthermore, the game has special objectives, stars to collect, and score-chasing for competitive players.

Voice game developers, Doppio, created the brand-new audio adventure. Previously, the company developed previous audio-controlled games like The Vortex and The 3% Challenge for Netflix. Doppio designed the following voice commands to guide Pac-Man: “waka” for “right,” “waki” for “left,” wiki” for “up,” “wika” for “down.” Now, the biggest question on this writer’s mind is… Do you think the Konami Code in Wakanese will do anything?

Chomping at the bit to try out the audio adventure? Bandai Namco says the title is best experienced with Echo Show devices, Fire TV Cube, and screen-based devices like Samsung TVs with built-in Alexa capabilities. However, this is not the puck-shaped man’s only new outing; Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle recently released on Google Stadia.

Pac-Man Waka Waka is immediately available on select Amazon devices.

Oni Dino
Oni Dino is a Japanese-English translator, localization editor, and podcaster. He has several video game credits and regularly translates columns from Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto. When not knee-deep in a JRPG and wishing games had more environmental story-telling, he's attending industry events and interviewing creative auteurs to share their stories.