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Pack Your Hunting Gear, Monster Hunter Just Got Real


Monster Hunter The Real is a theme section in Japan’s Universal Studios in Osaka that will be up for a limited time—from the 1st of February till the 11th of May. The event features large-scale, roaring, moving replicas of some of the series’ most popular beasts. On display are such attractions as a gigantic Tigrex as well as others like a “Mini” Congolala. Here’s video from one of the “Real” events Capcom held last year, for reference:



Gamer recently visited the site of the new event to snap a few photographs and provide an eyes-on report. You can view these below.




Never fear though, as your BFFs, the Felynes, will be there as well, in a special Universal Studios getup.




And there’s a special Guild Store, which will sell exclusive Monster Hunter themed foods and drinks. Finally there’s also an exhibition section which shows off various armors and weapons from the game.




You can find more photographs of the site over at 4Gamer.