Paint The Town Red, The Bloodiest First-Person Brawler, Gets Bigger On Steam


Paint The Town Red might be the ultimate bar-brawling game. Played in a first-person perspective, it lets you kick, punch, batter, smash, and slice voxel-based people in enclosed settings and doesn’t hold back on the blood.


The original game jam version of Paint The Town Red has already attracted a fairly big audience. But now it’s coming to Steam Early Access on October 13th so it should reach a few more.


Plus, this Steam version of the game, although not fully finished, will contain a lot more levels spanning different time periods spanning the past, present, and future. And, of course, there will be plenty more ways dynamically destroy the people you beat up.


It’ll also have boss enemies, an infinite mode, and random daily challenges with leaderboards to compete on.

Chris Priestman